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Zolrak And Durkon: Take Art, Mysticism And The Extrasensory To Another Level




Carlos D’Arezzo, better known as “Zolrak” and José Monge, known as “Durkon”, are two professionals who have dedicated themselves for years to combining art, mysticism and the extrasensory. Their careers always had the support and respect of those who every day enjoyed their horoscopes and rituals published by the best magazines of the moment. They also had a television program where they discussed topics such as: cultural astrology, weekly horoscopes, superstitions, legends, magic, myths, magical recipes, read letters from readers, did outdoor reports, had special guests, among many other things.


Carlos D’Arezzo “Zolrak” is a Doctor of Parapsychology, professor of Scientific and Practical Astrology, professor of self-help management techniques with mental self-control, psychometrist, expert in divination techniques, clairvoyant, natural psychic, dowser, researcher and student of primitive cultures. He also has a degree in PR and is a radio and television host.


José Monge “Durkon” is a plastic artist, lecturer, student of paranormal phenomena (PSI), expert in divinatory techniques, researcher on esoteric customs and the different Mancias, their evolution and social influence. He is also an ESP (Extrasensory Perception) Investigator and is a prominent radio and television host.


Both have a successful professional career that allowed them to write a book called “El tarot de los Orishas”, which has been published in several languages ​​such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, Portuguese and was a total sales success in countries like United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Spain. The Predictions Magazine chose the work as the “Most Spiritual Tarot” while the Africa Sun Times, in the “Critics Choice” section, recommended it for being considered the best in its style. They also had the opportunity to participate in the International Book Fair held in the city of Miami in November 1997 and to have a special participation in the Latino Book Fair, organized by Mr. Edward James Olmos, at the city’s Convention Center. Los Angeles in 1998.


Without a doubt, “El tarot de los Orishas” opened the doors of many places for them and they spent two years (1995 and 1996) on tour giving interviews, conferences and signing books in places like Miami, Chicago and New York.


Between 1995 and 1998, Zolrak and Durkon were part as chroniclers and astrologers in the biweekly newspaper El Colombiano in the United States; they were collaborators of Planet Music, in the astrology section and parapsychology notes; They made the astrological yearbook for Entérese Magazine and were frequent guests of important programs such as “Telenoticias” on Channel 51; “Fuera de Serie” and “Despierta América” ​​from Univisión; “America Live” on Telemiami; among others.


Zolrak and Durkon had their own television show called “An hour with Zolrak & Durkon”, broadcast on Mediaone’s Miavision channel in the United States. The program was one hour in prime time (9.00pm Central Time), once a week and with two more repetitions during the same week.





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