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Chris Howell, Sr. Triumphing Over Time: 11 Years of Navigating Success Against All Odds

chris howell

From a young age, Chris Howell, Sr. was captivated by the world of news and information. His childhood memories are filled with moments spent watching the news with his mother, a time that sparked a lifelong passion for learning and storytelling. Despite not being particularly enthusiastic about school, Chris’s thirst for knowledge and new experiences laid the foundation for a remarkable career in media and public relations.

Chris HOwell

Chris Howell’s journey began in the newsroom, where he spent seven years as a radio news reporter. This period was instrumental in shaping his approach to storytelling and public relations. “In the newsroom, I learned how to identify and craft compelling stories that capture public interest,” Chris recalls. This skill would become a cornerstone of his future endeavors, enabling him to create effective PR campaigns that resonate with audiences and attract media attention.

Driven by a desire to do more for those whose stories often went unheard, Chris made a bold decision: to start his own public relations and marketing firm. Thus, Chris Howell Communications (CHC) was born. Over the past 11 years, CHC has grown into a reputable firm known for its strategic media relationships and impactful communication strategies.

However, the path to success was not without its challenges. One significant obstacle was client retention. With the rise of social media and accessible digital marketing tools, many clients believed they could manage their PR needs in-house. To address this, CHC implemented several strategic initiatives:

  1. Educational Approach: Chris and his team emphasized educating clients about the value of professional PR services versus standalone social media efforts. By showcasing the strategic depth, crisis management, and cohesive brand messaging that professional PR offers, they helped clients understand the benefits that extend beyond basic social media management.
  2. Integrating Services with Social Media: Recognizing the importance of social media, CHC seamlessly integrated social media strategies into broader PR campaigns. This holistic approach leverages the strengths of both traditional PR and modern digital platforms, offering clients a comprehensive package that enhances visibility and engagement.
  3. Proving ROI: CHC focused heavily on metrics and analytics to demonstrate the tangible returns of their campaigns. By providing clear, data-driven results that show the impact of their work on brand recognition, customer engagement, and the bottom line, they made a compelling case for the continued value of their services.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: The firm offered highly customized services tailored to the specific needs and budget constraints of each client. This flexibility allowed them to work effectively with a range of businesses, from startups to established corporations, adjusting strategies as client needs evolved.
  5. Building Relationships: At the core of CHC’s strategy was a strong emphasis on personal relationships and trust. Chris invested time in understanding clients’ industries, business models, and long-term goals, positioning CHC as indispensable partners rather than just service providers.

These initiatives not only helped overcome the challenge of client retention but also strengthened CHC’s reputation in the industry. Chris’s unique perspective, shaped by his newsroom experience, gave him an edge in crafting stories that resonate with audiences and meet the stringent criteria of journalists and influencers. His ability to work effectively under pressure, manage multiple projects, and meet tight deadlines proved invaluable in the fast-paced world of PR.

One of Chris’s notable career highlights is the recognition he received from the Texas House of Representatives. This award, a testament to his dedication and impact, is a source of great pride for him. Additionally, Chris leads the Chris Howell Foundation, which supports community health events. One such event provided essential services to underserved areas, a mission close to his heart. “Walking through the event, interacting with individuals receiving health screenings and educational resources for the first time, I was struck by the profound impact of our work,” Chris shares.

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