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Yuthiel: The talented Latin American singer-songwriter who conquers international stages

Yuthiel is much more than a talented vocalist, producer and composer of Cuban origin; His name is synonymous with success on the international music scene. With a prolific career that has constantly redefined the boundaries of art, Yuthiel has left an indelible mark on every step of his journey.

He was born in Cuba and lived in Argentina from a very young age where he immersed himself in various musical productions and stood out as one of the most prominent talents in the Argentine music scene. His participation as a vocalist in the popular group Banda XXI earned him several awards, including the prestigious “Premios Gardel” award, the most important in Argentine music. Today he continues to have great influence within the Argentine public and they eagerly await his next performances.

In search of new horizons, Yuthiel moved to the United States, settling in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. There, he begins a new chapter in his solo career, exploring new facets of his creativity and talent. His foray into music as a soloist has given rise to several successes and collaborations in film projects, such as his musical participation in the feature film “Mírame Así” and his outstanding work as composer of the song “Millonario sin Amor.” for the film of the same name.

The year 2023 also marked another important milestone in Yuthiel’s career, when he was awarded the Tacarigua de Oro Awards in the city of Miami for his exceptional contribution to the tropical genre music industry.

In 2024, Yuthiel and his band will be preparing for a great tour led by their new representative GoQui Plus Productions LLC and its CEO Sandra Quintero. The grand launch of new songs and the re-release of one of their best hits are scheduled: Your presence. Likewise, his tour in the USA and Latin America is in production, which promises a very high-level Latin pop concert tour.

With such an impressive and diverse career, Yuthiel continues to captivate audiences around the world with his talent, creativity and passion for music. His commitment to artistic excellence and constant pursuit of innovation make him a true icon on the international pop music scene.

GoQUi Plus Productions LLC /Sandra Quintero +1 786-714-6592 events@goquiplus
 Social networks: @YuthielOficial /@GoQuiPlusProductions

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