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Web 3 and Beyond: Christopher Peacock’s Financial Revolution

Christopher Peacock has always had a drive to chase success. Born and raised in Scotland in the 1980s, he worked to become a personal trainer right out of high school. From 2008 to 2015, he engaged in various occupations, including owning a gym, teaching Cuban Salsa dancing, and network marketing. This is where his passion would eventually rise to its fullest.


After living in Bali for two years, Christopher returned to Scotland in 2015 to “regroup and re-evaluate” his plans and actions. This was when network marketing began to become his primary focus.


Having dabbled in various business avenues before, Christopher decided to found a company that aligned with his health and holistic teachings and spent two years doing this until he discovered Bitcoin. However, he says that business “quickly ended.” He says this was his launching point—his “Zero to Hero” moment, in which he grew his own business to a team of thousands from 2018 to 2020.


“I was earning more money than I had ever seen before,” he says. We were helping so many people enter this space and become financially free.” Then, he says, the world went a little crazy, bad decisions were made, and this venture ended. 


Thankfully for Christopher, a part of what he had built continued—and along with that, he released his first book, From Zero to Hero: How to Make Money in your First Year of Network Marketing with a Proven 8-Step System.


However, Christopher Peacock’s rise to success has not been without its challenges. Though he claims that he learned to “let go” and to “allow himself not to need to understand or change people,” he says one of his significant challenges has been dealing with those around him. 


“I’ve been coaching and mentoring people since the beginning of 2000,” he says. “Today, I still find it difficult to understand why people act in the ways they do. I simply want to be accepted, I simply want to help people, and I just want to be friends.”


However, despite these challenges, Christopher says he wants to help people believe in themselves and what they can achieve. “So many people lack [this],” he says, and claims that people have been “nurtured and indoctrinated” into a system that “breaks down your dreams and dulls your imagination.” This system, he says, has hurt people and has led to burnout, which results in people giving up on their dreams. 


Despite these often crushing obstacles, Christopher has persevered over the years and now has the freedom to travel when and where he wants while maintaining a lifestyle he could never even dream of. Today, he is currently coaching and mentoring others to success. He is looking at and developing other business strategies to help his students gain financial freedom faster, easier, and more effectively than ever before.

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