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Top 20 Speakers of 2024: The Rising Stars as Seen in Speakers Magazine

Speak Sell Shine

The Speak Sell Shine event held at the National Press Club featured an impressive lineup of star speakers from around the county, each bringing their unique expertise and insights to the table. Click here to link to watch their speaker reels.

Here are the Top 20 speakers of 2024, according to Speakers Magazine (December issue):

  1. Tiana Myers: An accomplished author, certified speaker, coach, and real estate agent/MLO, Tiana Myers blends her diverse skills to empower and educate her audience.
  2. Stacy Hawkins Adams: A strategic communications and media relations pro, Adams is also a storyteller, a 12-time author, and a community engagement leader.
  3. Trina Ramsey: Specializing in coaching women executives and nonprofit leaders, Ramsey offers guidance for leadership and personal growth.
  4. Yolanda M. Smith: Known as a Brandthrupist®, Smith is an international speaker and coach, a business strategist, and an expert in building influential and impactful brands.
  5. Omar L. Harris: Harris is a multifaceted professional offering services as an executive and career development coach, corporate trainer, business & DEI consultant, and a speaker on team building and change management.
  6. Karolyn Drone Smith: A motivational speaker and best-selling author, Smith focuses on wellness coaching, helping women to empower themselves and elevate their lives.
  7. Dr. Anita Powell: As a metaphysical educator and practitioner, Dr. Powell is also an energy poet and the founder of the TAPN2U Movement, LLC.
  8. Linnita Hosten: Hosten excels as a public speaking coach and executive communication skills trainer, alongside her work as a professional speaker.
  9. Dr. Rhonda M. Wood: A mental health keynote speaker, author, life purpose & discovery coach, and media personality, Dr. Wood brings a comprehensive approach to her speaking and coaching.
  10. C. Eric Collier: Known as “The Mayor of Motivation”, Collier is renowned for his high-energy and high-impact keynote speeches.
  11. Eva Medilek: A certified high-performance coach, Medilek focuses on cultural inclusivity and is also an author.
  12. Teri Donelson: As a business and life coach, Donelson is the CEO and founder of the Purpose Chasing Academy.
  13. Natalie Shand-Spellman: A greatness activator coach and author, Shand-Spellman is dedicated to unlocking the potential in her clients.
  14. Dr. Laticia Nicole Beatty: A motivational speaker, author, and consultant for non-profit organizations, Dr. Beatty brings a wealth of experience to her speaking engagements as a Presidential Lifetime Achievement honoree.
  15. Rob “YB” Youngblood: Known as The LinkedIn Locksmith, Youngblood is a two-time author, coach, and speaker for Chambers of Commerce.
  16. Dr. Pam Love: The founder of the Finishers Network and a training expert, Dr. Love is also a leadership consultant, inspirational speaker and coach.
  17. Stephen Boyd: An expert in classroom management and a captivating motivational speaker.
  18. Dr. Rosalind Y. Tompkins: The president and founder of Mothers In Crisis, Inc., Tompkins is a ministry speaker and author.
  19. Vicki Wright Hamilton: A business profit and leadership coach, Hamilton is also a podcaster and TV host.
  20. Rodney C. Burris: A trainer specializing in emotional intelligence, Burris is also a corporate trainer, three-time author, and motivational speaker.

These experts, led by Ryan Dohrn and Dr. Pam Perry, offered top-level training and interviews, sharing their wisdom and insights across various fields. Videos directed by My Media Buzz, Alegra Hall. 

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