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The Entrepreneur-Musician-Turned Motivational Speaker: The Transformational Journey of Mista Kleen.

Mista Kleen, the Michigan-born rap artist, is making waves in the music industry with his powerful music and autobiography. He moved to Atlanta, GA, to pursue his dreams of reaching people through his music and writing. Mista Kleen‘s love for rap began with listening to the pioneers of the genre, and his influences include LL Cool J, Run D.M.C., Tupac Shakur,Eminem and Big Daddy Kane.

Before moving to Atlanta, Mista Kleen performed at various venues in the Detroit metro area, including the Detroit Cobo Hall and The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids. He never missed an opportunity to rock talent shows, rap battles, and appear on underground mixtapes to increase his buzz on the streets.

Since relocating to Atlanta, Mista Kleen has performed at all the top hip-hop spots in the metro area, including Apache Café, Club Miami, and Club Crucial. He has a musical versatility that extends to writing Rap, Hip Hop, Gospel, R&B, Club, Reality, as well as Radio and TV Jingles.

In 2006, as his music career was growing, Mista Kleen began writing his autobiography titled ‘I HAD HOPE.’ His journey has helped him develop a strong relationship with God, and his testimony can inspire teenagers, college students, and young adults.

Mista Kleen is not just a dynamic musician, but also a public speaker who motivates audiences with his spoken word. He aims to have a positive impact on the younger generation that’s hungry for positive role models. Mista Kleen‘s last musical project, ‘The Kleen Up,’ featured musical production from Def Jam Recording artist, Big Krit, and music production by KO, the brother of T-BOZ from the late group TLC.

Mista Kleen‘s hard work and sacrifice have given him the knowledge to speak to the world with his ministry of music and writing. He is available for promotional events, live performances, youth conferences, workshops, motivational speaking, and life coaching. With his unique blend of music and personal experiences, Mista Kleen is set to take the world by storm.

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