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Stewart Adams: Revolutionizing Wellness and Technology with Yakuru Labs and CHUR Networks

Prominent in the tech and wellness arenas is a transformative figure – Stewart Adams. His innovation portfolio spans from a shakeup of WiFi services to a wellness industry overhaul with CBD and plant-derived products, mirroring his knack for entrepreneurship and innovation. Adams epitomizes how adversity can serve as a catalyst for breaking through limitations.

Adams’ entrepreneurial odyssey commenced in 2017 with the inception of CHUR Networks. His Silicon Valley stint had him identify a ripe market for disruption, leading him to provide flawless WiFi services. The company later evolved to offer state-of-the-art indoor tracking at major events and conferences. Relying on groundbreaking algorithms and multi-layered technology, CHUR Networks’ indoor tracking precision spectacularly measures under 5cm. This unique value proposition rapidly propelled the company into a leadership position.

Despite the blow of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Adams remained undeterred. On the contrary, he embraced the opportunity for innovation, co-founding Yakuru Labs LLC with his Australian associate, Manson, based in Utah. Initially, their focus was on CBD oil products. However, after three years of refining, they now offer two standout products – Nootrogreens, a super greens blend with CBD and Lion’s Mane, and SOGNO, a sleep-aid gummy fortified with CBD, CBN, melatonin, 5HTP, and GABBA. An important milestone on their journey is the imminent relaunch of their e-commerce store,, scheduled for the next 4-6 weeks.

The journey to success was fraught with challenges. There were instances when Adams was at the brink of homelessness while seeking funding for his enterprises. The uphill struggle to gain investor support and the stress of nearly exhausting funds in 2017 put his resolve to the test. Despite such ordeals, CHUR Networks grew into a robust 50-member company, even retaining staff during the pandemic-induced conference freeze. Yakuru Labs experienced similar obstacles but remained committed to crafting potent formulations.

Adams’ guiding philosophy is a reflection of his resilience – “hard work outworks talent.” He strongly believes in setting routines and structures to achieve goals. As a fitness aficionado, he participates in CrossFit training 4-6 days a week, encompassing weightlifting and walking. He extends his commitment to training in exotic locations such as the SOI in Thailand, underscoring his belief in the synergy between physical and mental strength.

Adams’ personal loss inspired his exploration into CBD and plant-based products. After his mother succumbed to multiple sclerosis, Adams committed to challenging conventional pharmaceutical methods and investigating alternative solutions to degenerative diseases with his team.

Looking forward, Yakuru Labs plans to expand its global footprint. Swiss investment and newly secured manufacturing facilities fuel their vision of establishing wellness retreats in Australia, the USA, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and other countries. CHUR Networks also aims to dominate the conference space and projects hiring over 500 employees worldwide. For Adams, the mission goes beyond numbers; he aspires to cultivate a culture of purpose, challenge, and innovative thinking.

Additionally, Yakuru Labs is gearing up to enter the digital currency realm, planning to launch an NFT and Stable coin by the end of 2023, offering tangible benefits to their community.

Stewart Adams’s vision for CHUR Networks and Yakuru Labs showcases his entrepreneurial zeal. His journey embodies resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of purposeful living. As he forges ahead, shaping the future of tech and wellness, Stewart Adams remains a figure to watch.

In summary, Stewart Adams illustrates how adversity can spur innovation and resilience, transforming obstacles into opportunities. His entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast resolve have been key to the success of CHUR Networks and Yakuru Labs, both pioneers in their respective fields.

To stay abreast of Stewart’s ventures and the latest offerings and innovations, visit the official websites of CHUR Networks and Yakuru Labs. These platforms, dedicated to enhancing lives through technology and wellness, echo Stewart’s commitment to pushing boundaries and effecting positive change.

Every stride in his journey, each decision he makes, confirms Stewart Adams’s mantra – hard work outworks talent, and a dedicated, balanced, and structured approach breeds success. In the dynamic domain of tech and wellness, we can assuredly anticipate more pioneering innovations from Stewart Adams in the coming years.

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