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Sound House Music: An Odyssey from NSW’s Shores to Global Stages

In the picturesque embrace of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, where tranquility meets the dynamic energy of the Gold Coast’s nightlife, a sonic metamorphosis is underway.

Orchestrating this transformation is Sound House Music, under the astute leadership of Jessica, who seeks to alter the trajectory of artists’ musical pursuits.

Redefining Musical Narratives

Jessica posits a compelling argument: “Music is meant to be an odyssey of triumph, not confined to mere streaming.” This sentiment is woven into the fabric of Sound House Music.

The platform is envisioned as a life arena where artists can engage, compete, and share their milestones with a global audience.

Unique Facets of Sound House Music

Sound House Music carves a niche for itself through several pioneering attributes:

  • Expansive Rewards and Prospects: Sound House Music transcends its role as a mere platform, emerging as a launchpad for musical aspirations. It bestows a rich array of rewards, from mentorships with industry icons to prized performance opportunities. Jessica articulates, “We are not just a platform; we are the crucible forging musical careers.”
  • Thematic and Genre-Centric Battles: Sound House Music is attuned to the zeitgeist, curating battles that revolve around pressing global narratives such as climate change and pride month. This ingenuity ensures the platform’s offerings are continually refreshed, pertinent, and strike a chord with its audience.
  • Gamified Experience Points (XP) Rewards: Sound House Music innovates with an XP reward system that gamifies user engagement, engendering a sense of community and inclusivity. Jessica extends an invitation: “Join us in molding the future of music,” underscoring her resolve to ensure no artist is marginalized.

A Sojourn into Jessica’s Odyssey

Originating from the serene landscapes of NSW, Australia, Jessica’s journey is a tapestry of varied talents. From her initial forays as a celebrated magazine and bikini model to enchanting audiences in Australia’s lively music venues, her path has been eclectic.

Embarking on entrepreneurship at 26, Jessica established a flourishing gin bar in Melbourne. Later, in tandem with her husband, she co-founded Border Concrete Pumping, morphing it into a lucrative venture.

Despite these triumphs, Jessica’s fervor for music persisted, culminating in the inception of Sound House Music. This platform eclipses traditional streaming services, providing artists a stage to blossom and chart their success.

Sound House Music: Sculpting the Music Industry’s Horizon

Sound House Music anticipates a tectonic shift in the music industry in the ensuing 2-3 years. It envisions an epoch of inclusivity, celebrating artists from myriad backgrounds.

Platforms that fortify artists will be instrumental in this shift, and Sound House Music aligns impeccably with this ethos, advocating diversity, inclusivity, and the elevation of emerging artists. Jessica says, “We believe in music’s capacity to unify the world, one battle at a time.”

With Sound House Music’s debut slated for January 2024 and a grandiose celebration in the offing for April, the future is luminous. The inaugural battle victors will adorn the stage, symbolizing a defining moment in the platform’s trajectory.


Sound House Music emerges as a lighthouse in the digital milieu, representing a movement and revolution helmed by Jessica.

Her odyssey, from the Gold Coast nightclubs to pioneering a transformative music platform, exemplifies the limitless possibilities birthed when passion converges with purpose.

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