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Skilzar’s Melodic Odyssey: Fusing Afrobeat, Business, and Giving Back

By Tony Coker

The global music scene is witnessing a pivotal moment, as Afrobeat, a genre originating from Africa, gains remarkable traction. The international charts now feature artists like Wizkid and Davido, who are collaborating with global superstars. Anchoring this growth and ensuring its sustainability calls for champions who genuinely believe in the continent’s potential. One such entrepreneur is OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, known in the artistic realm as Skilzar.

Skilzar, born OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE, is an outstanding musician-entrepreneur who has made a significant mark in the music industry. His journey began as a writer and later evolved into a renowned Afropop artist.

With success under his belt, OLUWASEUN has taken charge of his career, nurturing an entrepreneurial empire born from his creativity and hard work.

Hailing from Ifedayo local government area in Osun State,Nigeria, this young talent attended Lagos State Modem College Igbonla Epe, Lagos, Nigeria, for his secondary education. Later, he pursued higher studies at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho Oyo State, Nigeria, before venturing into his music career. He embodies the belief that excelling in business is an art form in itself.

OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE is celebrated not only for his music but also for his entrepreneurial ventures. Following in his father’s footsteps, he embarked on his business journey with a partnership deal at Crepaway Nigeria.

A natural entrepreneur, OLUWASEUN has a progressive approach to producing rap music. His affection for music blossomed at the tender age of 5, leading to mainstream success while maintaining a private operation.

Skilzar’s roots trace back to Lagos, Nigeria, in the late ’80s, where his youth was brimming with life within an amazing community. Early memories of music were nurtured in his relatives’ home, where he absorbed the melodies of Fela Kuti, the pioneering Nigerian musician of Afrobeat.

Beyond his artistic and business endeavors, OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and The Chartered Institute for I.T. Despite his university degree in Computer science, he pursued a career in music and entrepreneurship. Skilzar’s academic and internship experiences left him with valuable lessons, emphasizing the need for structured approaches. This insight led to the establishment of Skilzar Digital, a Lagos-based Digital Marketing, Branding, and Consultancy firm led by OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE.

Skilzar’s firm boasts of awards, global brand partnerships.

While music and business occupy his time, Skilzar draws inspiration from his family’s dedication to education and giving back. Education has been instrumental in shaping his career, and he’s committed to extending this opportunity to others. Through various initiatives, he has impacted an estimated 1000 underprivileged creatives in his community.

Skilzar’s ambitions extend beyond the realm of music. While he aspires to achieve more in his musical journey, his enthusiasm lies in his philanthropic efforts. His platform holds the potential to make a positive impact on Africa, a cause he’s truly passionate about.

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