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Sharing Her Knowledge: Masi Habibi on the Secrets to Day Trading

Longtime IBM CEO Ginni Rometty once said that “Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.” For Masi Habibi, founder of MasiTrades, that might be a guiding motto, because she not only has the knowledge necessary to succeed in the sometimes mysterious world of day trading, but also the desire to share that knowledge with others, through her YouTube and Discord channels and the courses she offers through her company.

Habibi now shares with others the type of information she wishes she had when she started out. “I traded for a year before I became profitable,” in part because there was no where for her to turn for guidance, especially as a woman. “There were no females in the industry. It was so male dominated that I never had a guide or a place where I could go and learn” she reflects. But, that early lack of proper mentoring started her on her path as a mentor for others: “My passion has really been teaching and guiding clients along their journeys to financial self-sufficiency while inspiring young women to realise that there is more to life.”

MasiTrades offers Habibi’s students the ability to learn both from her successes and early failures. With clients who start with only $1,000 to trade, she helps them navigate their ways to $50k portfolios, beating a system that was originally stacked against newcomers, particularly women. Habibi has found a method for everyone to break through the boys’ club of day trading, and shares those secrets through a variety of platforms. The key, she reminds them, is “perseverance. Even when you think there’s not a light at the end of the tunnel, trust me, there is. Learning from your failures and using them as stepping stones to your goals is when everything will change.”

Habibi believes that the courses she has developed can be an options trading resource for all people, no matter where they are starting out. MasiTrades offers a variety of different packages that are tailored to fit each client’s individual needs and resources, whether someone is looking for a side-gig as a trader or wants to start a new career. Ultimately, though, it goes back to the importance of having knowledge and sharing it with others.

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