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Shaheen Mazloom Helps Businesses Save Thousands on Credit Card Processing Fees

Entrepreneur and Innovator Creates Revolutionary Solution with Versa Business Systems

Shaheen Mazloom, the founder of Versa Business Systems, has transformed the way businesses interact with each other. His company offers business lending, credit card processing, ERC, grants, and AI outreach services to help businesses grow and succeed. The unique approach of the company focuses on building long-term relationships and prioritizing clients’ needs, which has resulted in impressive growth and a reputation for trustworthiness in the industry.

Mazloom began his career at 14 and learned the importance of building lasting relationships with clients and developing a business model that benefits both parties. His drive to succeed led him to create Versa Business Systems, where the company prioritizes helping businesses become better off after working with them.

Initially, the company struggled to find the right product and sales process, but by positioning themselves as consultants, they built rapport and trust with clients, leading to higher closing ratios and repeat business. Early marketing strategies relied on direct mail, which was expensive and difficult to scale. By introducing AI, Mazloom reduced the costs of marketing by two-thirds and expanded the business by 25 times in eight months.

Mazloom’s keys to success include learning from mentors, focusing on helping people, and building a strong team. He emphasizes that having a dedicated team is essential for growth, and entrepreneurs should listen to those who have already achieved what they aim to accomplish. Mazloom believes that if you focus on helping people or solving a problem, money and success will follow naturally.

Mazloom’s personal life is intertwined with his work, and he and his fiancé often discuss their businesses and goals. They carve out phone-free time each week to recharge and maintain a healthy relationship while staying focused on their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Mazloom is committed to giving back and has launched the Versa Business Tips Podcast, where he interviews successful business owners and shares advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. The podcast provides valuable insights and resources, including giveaways such as free books, courses, webinars, and even vacations. In addition, he shares his knowledge and experience through the Versa Business Tips YouTube channel, which offers practical advice gleaned from his mentors and personal experiences.

Mazloom’s dedication to giving back extends beyond sharing advice. He has created opportunities for others within his company by fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment. Mazloom’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. He is leaving a lasting legacy that will shape the future of B2B sales and business growth for years to come.

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