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Olusola Owomoyela:Creating a Real Estate Investment Path for Africans in Diaspora

At the Fin and Forbes Best of Africa Awards 2023 held in London on the 18th of July this year to celebrate Global and African businessmen and women making giant strides in business, Dr. Olusola Owomoyela was one of the recipients of the Award of Excellence in recognition of his exploits in the real estate sector.

The CEO of Next Gear Homes, a real estate development company based in Nigeria, Dr. Owomoyela is revolutionizing the real estate industry for Africans in Diaspora through his company, Watch My Property Limited, a company dedicated to helping Africans living in Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world purchase property and invest in real estate while abroad, and have the property protected and watched for them through the Watch My Property Service. It also provides for non-africans who may be interested in investing in real estate and property in Africa.

At this recent visit to receive the award presented to him, a lot of Nigerians came over to explore their options with working with the company

As the name Watch My Property reveals, the services provided by this company includes, verification of property documents on behalf of buyer before payment is made, property policing to ensure a property owned by an African in Diaspora is not encroached upon, investment advisory service and market forecast.

Explaining the vision behind this arm of the Next Gear Group, Dr. Olusola explained that a lot of Africans in diaspora are finding it difficult to invest in Real estate and property in their home countries majorly as a result of distance as well as their inability to find persons who they can entrust their property to and end up loosing the chance to benefit from the opportunity to own property in their countries.

“This company is basically founded to help Africans and foreign investors to safely invest in Real Estate in Africa and have the property watched, protected and secured for them. All they need do is visit the watch my property website and get started”

Dr. Olusola Owomoyela is the founder and CEO of the Next Gear Group Limited in Nigeria, with interests in real estate, consultancy services, and general services. The Watch My Property Limited is a subsidiary under the Next Gear Group.

He is a lawyer by profession and a member of a lot of professional bodies in Nigeria including the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) as well as the Negotiation and Conflict Management Group (NCMG).

He is also a recipient of numerous awards for his numerous achievements as well as humanitarian endeavors.

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