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Michael Jenkins Teaches Parents How to Trade Foreign Exchange for Generational Wealth

Michael Jenkins shoot

Michael Jenkins, a Detroit native and entrepreneur, is on a mission to help parents create generational wealth by teaching them how to trade Forex. After 12 years of door-to-door sales selling home security, Jenkins was looking for a way to earn unlimited income without relying on someone to spend money with him. He found his answer in Forex trading.

Jenkins founded the FreeLife101 Investment Group in February 2020 to help others learn how to trade Forex. His company is catered around everything he knew the market needed and more. What sets FreeLife101 apart from other Forex trading companies is that they have successfully simplified Forex and made it easy for anyone to understand, even children.

Jenkins’ mission is to help parents quit their jobs and teach their children how to trade Forex. He believes that by doing so, parents can create generational wealth and make the world a better place. His company has already helped over 300 students retire and has produced one 7-figure millionaire student.

Forex trading is not a MLM or a scam, according to Jenkins. With proper coaching, anyone can learn how to earn more money than they ever imagined and teach their kids the same skill. Banks are paying traders 100k plus to trade the money people have saved in their bank accounts, and the bank gives them maybe a penny interest over a year’s time.

Jenkins’ ultimate goal is to build success camps all over the world. These camps will be free boarding schools for the homeless, where they can get clean, reprogram their minds with personal development, get in shape, and learn a trade taught by a certified tradesman. They’ll be able to gain employment after earning their certification in whatever trades they pick and work until they’re hired in with full pay and able to rejoin society with a new beginning. The only requirement will be to stay away from all drugs and alcohol.

Jenkins’ academy operates at a high 90% capacity, so anyone interested in learning how to trade Forex and creating generational wealth should visit to grab the Free Forex Fortunes Course and apply for coaching now. To keep up with Michael Jenkins make sure you follow him on Instagram.

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