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Michael Dooley: Spearheading a Revolution in Automotive Marketing

At just 19, Michael Dooley stepped into the auto industry, a world far from his ultimate destination. Today, he’s the CEO and founder of Pinnacle Online Marketing, leaving a significant imprint on automotive marketing. The journey from dealership management in his mid-20s to becoming a respected name in the industry is marked by an entrepreneurial spirit and a persistent pursuit of knowledge.

Dooley soon realized that proficiency in sales wasn’t the only route to success. The key to longevity was securing a consistent client base for future-proofing his income, leading him to dive deep into the world of marketing and brand building. His keen understanding and innovative approaches soon began to shape the way automotive marketing functions today.

His breakthrough moment came when he decided to tap into the power of social media. While opening a luxury car dealership, Dooley began documenting the story of his daily commute, sharing both his victories and challenges. This candid portrayal of his journey resonated with his audience, gaining him considerable attention. Soon enough, other dealerships started to reach out, seeking his advice.

Seizing this unexpected opportunity, Dooley started capitalizing on his personal brand and industry experience. He had inadvertently started a business that, in time, established him as an authoritative figure in automotive lead generation and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) community.

Today, Pinnacle Online Marketing serves clients across nine countries. Despite the global success, Dooley always emphasizes the significance of staying authentic to one’s journey and not falling into the trap of comparison. He believes success is about mapping out achievable goals that align with one’s purpose and not someone else’s definition of accomplishment.

His journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing, though. The post-dealership period saw tumultuous times in Australia, with bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than letting these trials hold him back, Dooley chose to use them as stepping stones for growth. He expanded his horizons, opting for a global client base rather than focusing only on local clients.

The driving force behind Pinnacle’s rapid growth lies in providing tailored solutions and value to individual clients, creating strong relationships at every level. Dooley’s belief in authenticity, manifested in his public image as a friend, husband, and father, cultivates a sense of trust that solidifies client relationships.

In spite of the demands of a booming business, Dooley never compromises on work-life balance. He dedicates Sundays to family time, drawing motivation and passion from these moments. An adept team at Pinnacle further allows him to delegate tasks, enabling him to focus on strategic planning and business growth.

Dooley’s future plans brim with ambition and innovation. He aims to develop Pinnacle into an ‘all-in-one’ solution for clients by consistently adding features to their services and software. He finds immense satisfaction in acting as an outsourced CMO for various clients, offering fresh perspectives and global expertise to help companies amplify their marketing and sales strategies.

His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is profound yet straightforward: “Be genuine and have a deep ‘why’ for your purpose. Have a plan, set small actionable goals, and execute.”

As Dooley continues to push the boundaries of his business and help his clients reach new heights, his influence on the automotive marketing industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Discover more about Pinnacle Online Marketing at or to explore their story in depth.

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