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Mala Rambharose: Charting an Unconventional Path to Success

With roots grounded in homelessness and a journey through monkhood, Mala Rambharose exemplifies an entrepreneur who consistently learns from life’s lessons. From a modest beginning to becoming the founder of CityMonk Media, Mala personifies an unwavering spirit of grit, resilience, and courageous defiance of life’s adversities.

The Unexpected Turning Point

Mala’s voyage to entrepreneurship was punctuated by an unexpected turning point. It was a chance to sample products at Starbucks’ main office in Toronto that re-routed her life from a traditional academic journey to nurturing her budding entrepreneurial inclinations.

Undeterred by Initial Setbacks

In her entrepreneurial journey, Mala experienced a series of rejections from numerous publishing firms throughout Canada. Yet, she remained undeterred. With her children’s book, “There’s A Pebble In My Shoe,” she braved the daunting world of self-publishing, distribution, and marketing. Her determination gained the attention of some of the Canadian literary world’s biggest names, including Indigo Books’ founder Heather Reisman and Penguin Random House Canada’s former CEO, Brad Martin.

Confronting and Overcoming Challenges

Mala’s ascent to success was far from easy. Being young, female, and lacking significant financial backing posed considerable challenges in her entrepreneurial journey. These challenges, however, were seen as opportunities rather than impediments, pushing her to adapt and remain steadfast.

Celebrating Personal Triumphs

For Mala, maintaining an apartment in downtown Toronto during her twenties symbolized a victory over her previous experiences with homelessness and public housing. Furthermore, her contributions to HuffPost, despite skepticism from some quarters, signified a notable accomplishment, with Arianna Huffington herself providing words of encouragement.

Embracing a Life of Reflection

A string of disappointments led Mala towards a monk-like lifestyle, where she disconnected from materialistic possessions and digital distractions, focusing instead on spiritual growth and introspection. This period played a pivotal role in Mala recognizing the importance of bootstrapping and the entrepreneurial discipline it fosters.

A Unique Perspective for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Mala’s unique viewpoint comes to light in her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Don’t shy away from a regular job while bootstrapping your enterprise.” She believes that depending excessively on external funding can inhibit creativity and originality, whereas a self-reliant, unhurried journey enables effective resource management and helps reduce external expectations’ pressure.

Balancing Life and Work

As an entrepreneur, Mala advocates maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She emphasizes rest, hydration, and physical activity, demonstrating the value she assigns to personal well-being in conjunction with professional endeavors.

In the Midst of Crafting a Memoir

Currently, Mala is busy writing her memoir, “Broken Telephone,” which promises to document her unique journey from homelessness to entrepreneurship, through monkhood, capturing the captivating people she met and the life lessons they imparted along the way.

Shattering Conventional Expectations

In a world that is often quick to label and box people, Mala Rambharose stands out as a symbol of defiance and resilience. Her journey is a vivid narrative of grit, transformation, and unyielding determination, serving as an inspiring testament that every journey to success is personal and merits appreciation and recognition.

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