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Keneska Lima: The woman behind the wheel of the automotive boom






Beautiful, intelligent, noble, bold and with a strength of character that makes her unique. This is Keneska Lima, the young woman who revived the Venezuelan automotive market, thanks to her impeccable work philosophy: “Customers must be respected, to guarantee them an ethical service that meets their expectations.”

Keneska is an intrepid Business Administration graduate who did not allow herself to be underestimated for occupying a position that, until very recently, was dominated by men. Thanks to an impeccable early training regarding automobile sales, Lima knew that she wanted to dedicate herself to raising the level of car marketing in the country, and taking it to dimensions that only the fittest can achieve.


Not a solid vision


For this unique woman, her passion for the automotive industry began because her mother was an operations manager at a dealership, and some weekends she would accompany her to her office. “That was the seed that germinated in me years later. I felt that I could do something different and with a higher quality of service in the Venezuelan automotive industry. That is why many people are surprised at how I have so much knowledge at such a young age,” she said.


The young woman who created an empire


Keneska told us that she has always been a woman of challenges; Therefore she knew that her path had to be step by step, firmly and safely. She started out as an independent vehicle sales consultant. However, she felt that new tools could be generated that would boost sales in that area. “I actually saw the need to look for the best options for my clients and to cover their needs, doing what I like and am passionate about. I have clients of all kinds; That is, from those who are looking to buy their first vehicle, to those who work like me in the automotive industry,” she stated.


More than a beautiful woman


Keneska has always been the target of comments in which her undeniable physical attractiveness is praised. In this regard, she explained that it is common for her to be pigeonholed as the typical girl who can compete in a beauty pageant. However, he acknowledged that the majority of dealerships are run by men, but that when you have people’s respect for your professionalism and career, in this and any field, the paradigm of whether that is not for women or not is broken. this is not for men.


“Failure does not exist”


Her unwavering determination has led her to ensure that failure does not exist for her. “I started with a lot of nerves and doubts, but you know, I am a faithful believer in God, and as a believer, I know that each stage of your life is an experience, it will always bring you learning and a reason for being. If God wants me to close my cycle in the automotive industry, that’s how it will be; But I can assure you that in the field that he wants me to be in, with work, effort, discipline and with his help, I will position myself among the best,” she stated.


The secret of successful women


For this exceptional young woman, being a successful woman is a consequence of “having a balance in all aspects. It is only achieved with discipline, visualizing and analyzing all situations, setting clear objectives. Success is a state of mind. I feel happiness and enormous gratitude for everything I do,” she emphasized.


From Venezuela to the world


Finally, Keneska Lima reflected on the importance of encouraging investment in Venezuela. “In the country there are many opportunities for investment. I firmly believe in investing in my country. We are blessed because that is our inheritance. We Venezuelans stand out and do the best in everything we set out to do, like not investing in a country that has everything,” she concluded.

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