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Today we’d like to introduce you to Jeffery Boston Weatherford.

Tell us about what you’re working on at the moment that you would love the world to know about. Give us as much detail as possible!

I find ways to make money without clocking in to a traditional 9-5 and I teach them to my community. I am an investor, trader, coder, children’s book illustrator, promoter, and educator. I wear many hats. I created a community that specializes in teaching people skills that they can use to fire their boss. We do this through Forex and investing in different financial markets. I ran into many people who wanted to learn how to trade but didn’t have the capital to fund an account much less pay for a formal Forex education. I saw a problem that needed to be fixed and I solved that problem with HYENAS. HYENAS means “Here’s your Education, NOW ACT SMART!” The goal was to create a way that people could start learning how to trade with a low cost of entry and make money while they are doing so. Our project, HYENAS, does exactly that by providing a platform where people can earn while they learn. You can join the HYENAS community for as low as $0.39.

Is there anyone in your life you’d like to shout out that has helped you get to where you are? How have they helped you?

The HYENAS would be nothing without the amazing team of leaders putting in work; Coach Tamarrow Thomas, Jacobie “J Blanked” Barksdale, Remiel Peacewalker, Shameer “Sincurr” Lorde, Dominic “Kami the Wolfboy” Rowland, June Miranda-Green, Jebediah Thomas, Drake Burris, Garfield Lawrence, George Hutchings, Derek Jones, Jesse “Paco BestSoFar” Lopez, Chaz Williams, Quinn Papineau, Desja Perry, Dominique Wilson, Adam Souza, Rex Hoeffel, Caleb Bruns, Cheris Knight, Jana Allen, and Pamela Allen! I have seen these people put in immense amounts of work since I have known them and I am honored to have them on my team. Their ongoing support and belief in what I am doing with HYENAS has given me the strength I needed to get our community to where it is today. We are about to accomplish great things together, this is only the beginning.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with our audience?

Getting to be named #2 entrepreneur in my sector by NY Weekly and to be the only black person on the list was an absolutely incredible honor but that article could never illustrate all the pain and years of hard work that I had to endure to get to where I am. The fact that I’ve been actively day trading has been only a little over a year, what I’m doing is legendary. Although the markets are absolutely ruthless, the biggest challenge that I have had to overcome on the trading journey are my bad habits. Trading takes a completely different mode of thinking to be successful. I had to reprogram the way I thought and the way I acted. Society programs you to be a failure at trading. I had to unlearn and relearn in order to become profitable and expand my way of thinking in order to translate that way of thinking into teachings for students within the Hyena Hut. Outside of overcoming myself, I had to overcome the fear and doubt that others projected onto this path that I paved for myself. People only know what they know and when you do something that is outside the realm of what they know, they tend to try to tell you all the reasons that your shouldn’t be doing what you are doing. Sometimes, we just have to let success and the rest of the world do the talking for you to the naysayers.

Finally, how can people connect with you and learn more about what you do?

Find out more about me:
Check out the new HYENAS project:
Contact me on Instagram:
Contact me on Facebook:
Join the FREE HYENAS Community:
Join the NU Hyena Army and learn how to turn your phone into an ATM Machine:

HYENAS! Here’s your education, NOW ACT SMART!

See you in deep space nine.

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