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How Nicholas Gerhardt Made His Way To The Top Of Real Estate

Nicholas Gerhardt

Meet Nicholas Gerhardt, a Maryland native, and leading east coast real estate industry figure. Apart from being a real estate agent, Gerhardt is also an investor and entrepreneur. Nicholas Gerhardt’s path to becoming a realtor began just after the market crash of 2007. The impact shined a light on his eyes and made him aware that realtors could still make money even in times of distress. Realizing this made Gerhardt discover that sales were his true calling, and the rest is history.

Many factors fueled Nicholas Gerhardt’s path to real estate, but the most influential one was that he never wanted to work for anyone. Even as a child, Gerhardt knew that the typical 9-5 wasn’t the life he wanted for himself, and the matrix that most people find themselves in today just never fit the vision he had in store for himself. He knew he would be a great man; to be a great man, you must be willing to take risks along the way. The drive to stay away from the rat race was backed up by the overpowering skill of being a great salesman. Most entrepreneurs spend years crafting the ability to sell; however, for Gerhardt, sales was yet another skill crafted into his arsenal since birth.

Aside from his professional achievements, Gerhardt states his most significant achievement is having his two incredible daughters and watching them grow up.

A quality of Nicholas Gerhardt that has long separated him from other professionals in his field is his unique approach to problems. Gerhardt has never looked at losses for what they are but instead at them as learning lessons. He approaches every loss in any situation as a way to learn from his mistakes so that he can come back better than ever next time.

Nicholas comes from humble beginnings. He grew up with two divorced blue-collar parents with nothing more than the necessities and was forced to learn at a young age that if he wanted anything in life, he’d have to work for it himself. This attitude adjustment is just what he needed to take the initiative to become the strong figure and titan that he has established himself as today. Follow Nicholas Gerhardt on Instagram here.

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