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Federico Wulff: I explore having a program with useful and informative content


To talk about Federico Wulff is to comment on a talent for communications in a comprehensive way. From a young age he was inclined towards the arts, advertising and everything that encompasses communications, from talent, event organization, production and even voices for commercials, dubbing and narrations.

Since the end of 2020, he joined the staff of the company Fenix Media, a producer of audiovisual content, as a key player for specific projects, after his participation in several successful projects such as the video clip by the international artist Yordano for his song “Para que cry” and the audiovisual piece “Lupita”, for which he was credited with The Communicators Award and Telly Awards.

Since then, his career has followed a line of ascent. He has been a field producer and guest host of the program “La Fontana te tumba”, which is broadcast on MEGA TV, one of the most popular channels among the Latin community in Miami, USA. He has also participated in the production of advertising videos. for Open English as a talent and field producer in the company’s Smart for Growing project, among other firms.

We had a very pleasant conversation with this famous talent and this is what he told us:

-What was your first job and how do you remember it?

It all started in 2003 with a casting for a CocaCola Photo/Print for a cinema chain in Venezuela (Cines Unidos), I remember my friend who told me “do the casting.” I never thought that this is how I would start in this world and less with the accent of “model”.

-How do you define yourself professionally?

VO and OnCamera Talent – Announcer and on-camera talent. In addition to experience, academically I am an administrator and I have a postgraduate degree in advertising. I could add that I feel in other capacities as an executive, operational and creative producer.

-What has been your greatest achievement?

I see it in many ways, but having established itself in the Venezuelan market when it became the host of Campo Ganado was an excellent moment. In addition, he acted in commercials, and was the voice of commercial and corporate brands and was an operating partner of an audiovisual production company; Depending on the project, he served as director, executive and field producer and/or post-prod coordinator. I can also add that another piece that I consider important, as an actor, was the video clip directed by Pablo Croce de Franco de Vita for the Venezuela Nueva Foundation, for the song “Tú de qué vas”.

-What recognitions have you obtained in your career?

At first, my participation in several audiovisual pieces made me be in the sights of many directors and producers of the moment, but to be recognized as a lover of Venezuela and its agricultural producers, giving voice to their needs. Awards with Fenix Media: The Communicators Award and Telly Award and participating as an IADA jury for the Webby Awards.

-Your biggest dream or desire?

Merge my knowledge and experiences and apply them for the benefit of society. Evolve with new technologies. More participation in new audiovisual pieces that cover useful, informative, entertaining, educational and cultural content.


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