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Exclusive Interview with Emily Pokora

1. How long have you been acting?

I have been acting since childhood. My first stage performance was in Kindergarten, and I fell in love with acting ever since. At 8 years old I began auditioning for film and TV. Since then, I have worked professionally as an actor. 

2. What movies have you been in? 

I have had the opportunity to be involved with various independent films, commercials, and TV shows. I can be seen in the TV series “The Playboy Murders,” currently airing on Investigation Discovery. I am known for appearing in a Walmart Super Bowl commercial, the CBS TV show, “I Met My Murderer Online,” and, coming soon…A WAY OUT, Part 3!

3. How did you get into acting?

Acting has been my one true passion since I was a child. I would take any chance I could to perform, from acting in school plays, to performing movie scenes with my siblings at family gatherings. After college, I attended law school and began practicing as a lawyer, yet never forgot my love of performing. Litigating in court before judges and juries only reinforced my love for the stage, leading to my decision to leave my legal career behind to pursue acting full time in Los Angeles. 

4. How did you meet Director Cortez Mooney?

I met Director Cortez Mooney for the first time on set filming A WAY OUT. I was lucky enough to work with him as a director and have a few scenes together during Gloria and Smoke’s seductive power struggle! 

5. Since A WAY OUT is a brand and a series of movies! Which A WAY OUT are You in & what character? 

I play Gloria in A Way Out, Part 3. Gloria is the manager to what she expects will be the next girl group singing sensation at the top of the billboard charts. She is tough, confident, and a shrewd businesswoman ready to use her mafia family ties and sex appeal to get what she wants from “legendary” music producer, Smoke.

6. What made you decide to want to work with director Cortez Mooney.

I wanted to work with Director Cortex Mooney because of his passion for storytelling, open and collaborative approach to directing, and knowledge of the business. Beginning with the audition process, Cortez had an eye for what each character needed to bring to the table, but also gave me creative freedom to find the character in a way that felt authentic to me. He allows actors to make strong choices while providing insightful directorial guidance which is invaluable to any actor. I also signed on after the success of the original, A WAY OUT, and knew Cortez had the drive to continue to surpass that success with each movie in the series. 

7. How did you get the call to join A WAY OUT? and how did you feel when you got the call? 

I joined A WAY OUT after auditioning for the role. I was thrilled to work with Cortez and join the cast, and excited to have the opportunity to bring Gloria to life!

8. How was your experience working with Director Cortez Mooney? Did you learning anything about the business? or working close with him? 

Director Cortez Mooney is not only a talented actor and director, but also understands the entertainment business and what it takes to create a successful movie franchise and brand. I learned the importance of assembling a team of talented actors who all want to see the project be the best it can be and support PR efforts to encourage everyone to watch the movies! 

9. What was your favorite moment if you have one of working or set or the project? 

One of my favorite moments on set was the first ensemble scene I filmed with several cast members. From the first take, everyone gelled together like we had been working together for years. The cast quickly became extremely close. It was a testament to Cortez’s collaborative directing style and “can do” attitude making each filming day a place that was fun and allowed for creativity! 

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