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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Dr. Jimmy J. Davies’ Mission with ChatGPT Training

There’s no question technology is rapidly evolving! How can entrepreneurs keep up?  One visionary stands out for his commitment to empowering entrepreneurs of African descent: Dr. Jimmy J. Davies, the founder of Every.Black. With a remarkable career spanning over three decades as a computer instructor and database developer, Dr. Davies is now pioneering in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) training, specifically focusing on ChatGPT and other advanced computer applications.


Dr. Jimmy Davies


A Journey from Passion to Purpose

Dr. Davies’ journey into the tech world was fueled by a simple yet profound passion for technology, sparked by his first encounter with a Macintosh Computer in 1987. This passion led him to establish MacMasters Computer Training Service, overcoming significant initial hurdles, including financial constraints and a steep learning curve. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedication to his craft quickly set him apart, enabling him to offer specialized training to prestigious clients, including NASA, the U.S. military, and numerous corporate giants.

Unique Approach to Technology Training

What distinguishes Dr. Davies in the tech education sector is his extensive experience and personalized teaching methodology. Having trained over 5,000 individuals on a wide array of software applications, his approach goes beyond mere instruction. Dr. Davies is deeply committed to ensuring entrepreneurs become efficient in their businesses through the strategic use of technology. His current focus on ChatGPT and AI is a testament to his foresight in recognizing and adapting to the technological advancements that shape our future.

Collaboration for a Comprehensive Learning Experience

In a significant move to expand the reach and depth of AI education, Dr. Davies has partnered with Rev. Dr. Philippe SHOCK Matthews to offer an in-depth overview and hands-on workshop on ChatGPT and AI. This collaboration is poised to provide attendees with a thorough understanding of these technologies, equipping them with the skills to leverage AI for innovation and growth. The workshop underscores the mission of Every.Black to educate and inspire entrepreneurs to create wealth through smart, technology-driven strategies.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Dr. Davies envisions Every.Black as a global hub for entrepreneurs seeking to harness the power of technology for business proficiency. His dedication to bridging the technology gap and promoting entrepreneurship as a means to address income and wealth disparities is both inspiring and urgent. With technology expected to reshape the job landscape drastically, Dr. Davies’ focus on providing top-tier AI training is more relevant than ever.

Empowerment Through Technology

Dr. Davies’ message is clear: embracing technology and entrepreneurship with a strategy of global marketing and networking is crucial for overcoming economic disparities. His work through Every.Black and the comprehensive ChatGPT and AI training he offers represents a beacon of hope and a call to action for entrepreneurs and professionals of African descent and beyond.

By providing tools, knowledge, and a platform for continuous learning and networking, Dr. Jimmy J. Davies is not just teaching technology; he’s building a community poised to thrive in the digital age. His story is one of resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to empowering others through technology—a true inspiration for entrepreneurs worldwide.

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