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Dr. Norberto Pina: source of inspiration for the immigrant community in the United States


The United States has been, since its foundation, a melting pot of cultures and
immigrants, many of whom have significantly contributed to the development and growth of
this great nation. Experts agree that the history of the United States is closely linked to the
work and effort of the immigrants who have built it. Today, numerous immigrants, including
Venezuelan scientists, find in the United States a conducive destination to develop their
talents and professional prospects.

In this context, we present the story of Dr. Nolberto Pina, who graduated in Chemistry from the University of Zulia, Venezuela, in 2002. His initial work focused on the research of new drugs with antimalarial potential. Subsequently, in 2004, he obtained his Master's degree in Chemistry, continuing his training in areas such as organic synthesis, interfacial phenomena, and surfactants. His dedication and effort culminated in 2009 with the attainment of his
Ph.D. in Chemistry, also from the University of Zulia.

In 2019, seeking new opportunities, Dr. Pina made the decision to
migrate to the United States. After obtaining the necessary authorizations, he began working
at a company in the state of Utah, where he developed innovative procedures for extraction
and microwave-assisted treatment to create raw materials used in the production of dietary
supplements, such as gummies, sublingual oils, and topical creams. His work contributed to
the success of the company, which quickly stood out as one of the best in its field in Utah.
With a unique combination of experience, opportunity, and facilities, Dr. Nolberto Pina
decided to undertake and found PM Chemical Solutions. This company is dedicated to
technical consulting for business growth, as well as the manufacture and marketing of raw
materials and customized chemical formulations.

Currently, PM Chemical Solutions has a joint venture with international companies
Star Enterprise Trading and Desafío to strengthen its business lines. The most prominent
projects to be managed within and outside the United States will be in the sugar sector,
chemical formulations for the oil and petrochemical sector, and in the food sector. The latter,
through the development of proprietary formulas based on natural extracts to achieve dietary
supplements focused on treating diseases such as Alzheimer's, depression, erectile
dysfunction, among others.

The case of Dr. Pina is an inspiring example of the growth potential that the United
States offers to immigrants. His trajectory demonstrates that hard work, commitment, and
dedication are fundamental ingredients for success and personal advancement.

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