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News Global Makes Extraordinary Announcements

In a landmark announcement, has shared unprecedented updates with its community, following a successful crowd funding campaign in partnership with Endotech. Three years of concerted efforts have culminated in reaching the status of the number one crowd funding project in world history, and trading returns that delivered on the promise that “everyone wins”, all leading to the completion of the project as of February 21st. While many peer-to-peer projects rely soley on new funds coming in, the completion of new contributions to the crowd fund demonstrates how real the project is, and the recent announcements take it to the next level.


Highlighting the project’s integrity, the first announcement allows members to withdraw their entire balance from the live trading platform, marking a departure from numerous vanished projects seen in today’s market. stands out with its 240,000-strong membership, consistent weekly payouts for three years, and unwavering commitment to transparency.


Additionally, has set the stage for a new Fund, launching in September exclusively for current members who choose to continue. This initiative offers a six-month period of compound performance before transitioning to the Fund, which promises reduced performance fees aligned with traditional hedge fund standards and flexible withdrawal options.


The core of’s innovation lies in its smart contract engine, supporting a peer-to-peer model for sustainable passive income, independent of new capital injections. This embodies’s ethos that “we are all born to do what has never been done”.


At the Limitless 2024 event in Dubai, attended by over 5,000 people, the founders introduced their rebranded identity, “Limitless,” and an ambitious new venture with Blockchain Sports (BCS). At the event they were presented with a valuation certificate for the IP of this new project of over 1 Billion USD, and that’s prior to its launch in September. BCS has been in development for over 18 months, and is positioned to disrupt the sports world beginning with Football (Soccer). With over 50 football legends in attendance, partnerships around the world, brilliant integrations of Technology and IRL business (in real life), and with a 6-month window to participate before the launch, it looks like this community is going to once again shatter all records.


The excitement builds towards their inaugural North American event in Las Vegas this August, anticipated to reveal their most significant project to date. This venture is rumored to reshape the landscape of direct sales and the peer-to-peer economy, setting a new benchmark for legacy companies.

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