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Chune transmits a lot of feelings through his songs



The renowned musician, composer and music producer, CHUNE, has managed to conquer the public with his melodies and everything he manages to convey with them. He likes to leave messages that reach those who listen to him and he considers that a professional career full of originality and own style makes musicians unforgettable for those who enjoy his work.

We talked to him and this is what he told us:

As a music producer, how do you define your unique style? What elements characterize your production?

I work mainly on bringing nostalgic lyrics but in happy or fast rhythms to convey the message that we can see things better despite the negative, the elements that I try to characterize my productions are futuristic sounds, since my concept says that I come from 2,300, so I try to have sounds from the future and always carry that concept.

Do you have any ritual or routine before entering the recording studio or starting to compose?

The most important ritual is to pray, ask God to carry out that day’s production and drink coffee.

What advice would you give to emerging musicians who are looking to improve their songwriting and production skills?

Let them be original, if we want to transcend time, having our own style can make the path of being unforgettable for the public easier, with a lot of faith and perseverance.

What inspires you to continue creating music and what are your future goals as a producer, singer and songwriter?

Music inspires me because it is my way of life, I can’t imagine doing anything else, I think that’s where my life begins to expire. Creating music is something that is in my DNA, I make music even with the beats of my heart. My future goals are to consolidate myself in the world market with the CHUNE project and to be able to carry everywhere the message that I want to convey, which is that depression has a solution, it is among us and we must live the process without suffering; I would like to make my fans happy and I would also love to win a Grammy both as a composer and as an artist.

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