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Ana Paula Valenzuela from production outpost with Raw Alejandro in Mexico





As is known, Mexico is an important place for the development of the entertainment industry. His public is very demanding and nationalistic. The statistics show, annually, growth in the industry of musical shows worldwide, receiving world-class artists and captivating the audience and followers of the same that fill stadiums and large capacity. Mexico is not the exception.

But what is behind that successful concert on Mexican soil, be it pop music, regional Mexican or reggaetón. The answer is a large machinery of professionals who seek to achieve full coverage of all the needs that not only the organizer of the event have, but also the attendees.

A well-organized tour manager and production team can ensure that the entire event is planned and executed smoothly. This includes coordinating travel logistics, accommodation, transportation, technical equipment, security personnel, and other important aspects that can be complicated to manage.

It is in this specific field that Ana Paula Valenzuela shines likes a fine professional. She, with extensive experience in this area, has made herself a benchmark as a tour manager, production manager, production coordinator and production assistant.

She currently has several events in line not only in Mexico but also outside the Aztec border. On this occasion, we highlight that it is in advanced production of the expected concert of the renowned urban artist Raw Alejandro in Mexico. The artist will be performing on June 8 at the Héroe de Nacozari Stadium in Hermosillo, Mexico and on June 10 at the Caliente Stadium in Tijuana, Mexico. For this tour, Ana Paula Valenzuela has everything ready for the presentation to be a complete success.

It should be noted that a Raw Alejandro tour in Europe is pending and a return to Mexican soil with the production of Ana Paula for the company Ocesa of 4 shows next October.

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