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21 Year Old CEO, Sam Jacobs, Exits Ecommerce Company at a 6 Figure Evaluation

Building a business is never an easy path. Assessing the market, finding a niche, and getting your brand out there aren’t always easy tasks to accomplish, yet they are crucial for finding stability and success. The internet has brought a new wave of industries and business potential. The ability to connect, find, and sell a product or service from one side of the globe to another is quite a powerful gamechanger. Yet, so many businesses are still struggling to use their untouched tool that is the great wide web. Young entrepreneur Sam Jacobs is bringing new and inspirational energy and charisma to the entrepreneurial world. Having a drive and a spirit for entrepreneurship, Jacobs first found success through making money by starting and growing a YouTube channel. Moving onto Ecommerce, he is quickly rising in success as a major leader in the flourishing industry.

Finding And Pursuing A Passion

Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs, Sam was born with a desire to run his own business. Beginning to foster the spirit of an entrepreneur, he would sell candy from his locker as a young kid in elementary school, yet he looked grow up to be something bigger. At the age of 16 while he was watching some educational content online he came across a video explaining ecommerce, and Sam instantly jumped in on the idea. Amazed with the idea of buying and selling products and goods from his own laptop, without any college degree or physical products needed, Sam quickly grew his passion for ecommerce. Although the beginning of his ecommerce journey wasn’t easy he continued to push forward until he cracked the success code. Fast forward to today, he has generated over $5M in sales online and has taught hundreds of other eager entrepreneurs to make money online just like he’s done.

The Empire Established

Following his success building a multimillion dollar  e-commerce empire, he turned his attention to launching  a business called Commercive. Acquiring a shipping method and a manufacturing method, Sam now oversees a company that has already earned a valuation of 500k and is in course to reach over one million by the end of the year. His youthful energy and abilities have enabled him to grow his business exponentially. Forming a successful business at the age of 21 is impressive in and of itself; but forming a half-million SAAS company by the same age is extraordinary. Using his expertise in social media, Sam is always aware of trends and popular products in order to make and sell across internet platforms. He uses TikTok, Instagram, as well as Youtube to promote and sell products around the world. Putting in the work and investments since the first day he started in ecommerce has made Sam a sustainable leader in the industry. 

High Hopes For The Future

Moving forward, Sam hopes to continue growing his business in any way he can. Scaling and exiting brands has helped Sam be able to continue to expand. “It’s all about timing when you are looking to sell your business” explains Jacobs, and from his own experience, his timing has been impeccable. Huge congrats to Sam for selling one of his brands this month for over 6 figures! Sam hopes to continue educating others on how to be successful in the ecommerce world. Having opportunities to speak around the world and share his own experience has been a true blessing to Sam. He hopes to have more time and opportunities to speak on his business moving forward. If you are interested in learning more about Sam Jacobs and what ecommerce looks like, check out his website or give him a follow on Instagram.

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