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DJ Virall Unleashes ‘DOM PERIGNON’ Freestyle, Igniting Moscow’s Nightlife Scene

In the realm of music and entertainment, one standout figure from Nigeria has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his multifaceted talents. James Nwankwo, better known as DJ Virall, recently unleashed his freestyle track titled “DOM PERIGNON,” hyping Moscow’s finest Big Boys, including Chico, Eli-Lita, Emmanuel (Eagle), Papasito, Del-Pierro, and more. This freestyle has not only stirred raw emotions but also garnered positive feedback from online listeners and social media fans, creating a buzz in the industry.

DJ Virall isn’t just an artist; he’s a seasoned DJ who commands dance floors with his skills, communicating through the universal language of music. “DOM PERIGNON” stands as his debut release, meticulously crafted with every fiber of his being, reflecting his deepest contemplations. Despite being a freestyle, the track emerges as a transformative project, showcasing DJ Virall’s musical prowess and passion.

In a momentous achievement, DJ Virall has earned a coveted place among the ‘Yessiey Africa 100 Most Influential People in 2023.’ This recognition, organized by Yessiey Awards and Yessiey Magazine, celebrates his exceptional journey and significant contributions to the industry.

Emerging as a trailblazer from Anambra State, Nigeria, DJ Virall transcends the dance floor, delving into research and philanthropy. Hailing from Orumba North LGA, he’s not only a global DJ and MC but also a dedicated PhD student, showcasing academic prowess through published articles exploring Industry 4.0’s impact on various regions.

Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, DJ Virall didn’t just pivot his career; he extended a helping hand through philanthropic initiatives, especially towards underprivileged children, and mentorship programs for aspiring DJs, reflecting his commitment to giving back to society.

Collaborating with industry giants like Coca-Cola and influential personalities such as Sucre and Ooni of Ife, DJ Virall’s illustrious portfolio includes stints as the official DJ for academic institutions like the University of Ibadan and University of Glasgow. Currently dominating the Afro club scene in Moscow, he shares the stage with international artists, further solidifying his influence.

DJ Virall’s article on Industry 4.0 has become a scholarly sensation, garnering attention from academia and esteemed journals, reflecting his profound impact beyond entertainment. With a substantial following across social media platforms, DJ Virall’s digital footprint serves as a hub for empowerment and community building, enhancing his influence in both academic and entertainment spheres.

Educated at prestigious institutions including the University of Ibadan, Higher School of Economics, and University of Glasgow, DJ Virall’s journey exemplifies dedication and excellence. Bridging his Nigerian heritage with experiences abroad, he connects with a diverse audience, breaking boundaries with his impact.

Honored with awards for his contributions to entertainment and education, DJ Virall stands as a beacon of inspiration within the DJing community, showcasing the transformative power of education and unwavering commitment to his craft.

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